Lead Replacement Guarantee

Lead Replacement Guarantee Terms

(a) If a MEMBER receives bad leads as defined under Quality Legal Leads terms, the MEMBER may submit a lead exchange claim request within 5 days of delivery if telephone number(s) has been disconnected or the telephone is a wrong number (party does not reside/work at one/both telephone number(s).

OR if the prospects state does not match the state requested on the form.

(b) Any spam related submissions (i.e., Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck.)

(c) Quality Legal Leads customer service will investigate ALL bad lead claims. Leads submitted for investigation are forfeited regardless of the claim outcome. Once the claim has been confirmed to be a bad lead under Quality Legal Leads terms, the MEMBER will receive a new lead. If the lead exchange request is denied, the MEMBER will be notified.

The result of all bad lead exchange investigations are final and cannot be disputed. Abuse of the LEAD EXCHANGE policy is a serious offense that impacts other members. MEMBERS who have 5 or more denied lead exchange claims in a 90 day period may be terminated by Quality Legal Leads.

(d) If and only IF the prospect writes in description that they are requesting FREE, PRO BONO OR LEGAL AID.
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